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Cristal casual masks were made to protect respiratory tract against hazardous pollutants and micro-organisms. Thanks to neopren and cotton compartment Cristal mask provides increased permeability. It makes breathing  easy and moulds  itself well around your face. You will find two N95 filters, which effectively block pollutants included in the package.

The casual mask is available in four sizes so everybody will find a right size for themselves. Our product is made in Poland from materials purchased in Polish wholesale stores. The quality is guaranteed by the sewing team. Each mask is handmade with an eye for detail.


Thanks to a variety of colours and patterns you will distinguish yourself from the crowd and N95 Cristal filter  will stop hazardous substances. Cristal is the ideal solution for winter in the city!

S – for small kids

M – for older kids and women

L – for men

XL – for man with big face