Casual Series

    Maski Cristal Casual Cristal Casual safety mask line is a perfect combination of functionality, comfort and modern design. Our safety masks have been designed so that they adapt themselves perfectly to one’ face, thus effectively blocking pollutions from noxious urban air. The material is pleasant to touch and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. By using cotton bias tape, even frequent and prolonged wearing of the mask does not cause abrasions or skin irritation. Furthermore, the neoprene foam that is used in our products “learns” the shape of your face. This means that the more you wear it, the more comfortable and better fit it becomes. We have also managed to solve the problem of tedious, ear-pulling rubber bands.
Maski Cristal Casual

To ensure the highest possible degree of protection against pollution, all 5-layer-filter masks in the Cristal Mask Casual line are additionally equipped with an elastic sealing cap. As a result, the mask remains firmly in place at all times, so that unfiltered air does not get in. Should you wear glasses, we have some great news for you – by completely sealing the upper part of the mask, you no longer have to worry about fogged lenses! All these benefits mean that our safety masks are comfortable to put on, wear and take off in everyday conditions.

  Our masks are made with a durable hook-and-loop fastener that doesn’t stick to your hair and doesn’t peel. Say no more to the well-known fibrous balls, which with time will shred the fastener and decrease the clamping force!

At the heart of our mask lies the 5-layer filter, which is located underneath the cotton pocket inside the mask itself and captures up to 98% of impurities. As part of the kit, we also supply two filters, which, depending on the intensity of use and the local level of smog, will last for about 14 days. If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be delighted to provide help!