Active Series

Cristal Active is a series of anti-smog masks created particularly for people who are actively engaged in outdoor recreation in towns.

Cristal Active - maski przeciwsmogowe na rower

The mask has been designed to provide effective protection against pollutants that are extremely dangerous to our respiratory system during physical activity. Due to accelerated breathing, our lungs absorb more pollutants, so it is worth considering investing in a proven and effective anti-smog mask.

Maska antysmogowa Cristal Active

By using efficient one-way valves, the mask does not get moistened whilst allowing you to breathe comfortably. Honeycomb Nylon Mesh material adjusts itself perfectly to your face, and the elastic piping does not irritate the skin.

Maska przeciwpyłowa Cristal Active

 The Velcro fastener developed by us, together with the elastic bias tape provides a wide range of adjustments – for this reason, there is one universal model that will suit the vast majority of adults. As a result, the mask remains firmly in place at all times, so that unfiltered air does not get in. Should you wear glasses, we have some great news for you – by completely sealing the upper part of the mask, you no longer have to worry about fogged lenses! All these benefits mean that our safety masks are comfortable to put on, wear and take off in everyday conditions.

At the heart of our mask lies the N99 filter, which traps more than 99% of dust and gaseous impurities forming smog. We placed it so that it covers both the nose and the mouth. This way, smog has no chance of breaking into your lungs! All Cristal Masks are sewn in Poland with the utmost attention to detail.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our Active Series masks, do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be delighted to provide help!