Our origin

The story of Cristal Mask began in 2017 as an answer to the dramatically escalating air quality problem in Europe. According to the 2016 and 2017 reports published by the European Union and the World Health Organization, Poland is a record-breaker in the emission of the carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene and among the leading emitters of PM2.5 and PM10 particles. According to WHO data, more than 46 000 people die every year in Poland due to diseases caused by polluted air.

What exactly is smog?

Smog is a type of air pollution caused by tiny particles in the air. The word comes from a mixture of the words smoke and fog and was first used to describe the hazy mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide produced by the burning of large amounts of coal in London in the early 1900s. Smog is composed of:

  • Dust particles with grains below 10 micrometres in diameter, known as PM10. These particles are small enough to penetrate the lungs. They can be heavy metals, soot particles or asbestos.
  • Dust with a diameter of fewer than 2.5 micrometres, or PM2.5. In addition to the lungs, they can also penetrate the blood. Nearly 50% of PM2.5 emission comes from domestic boilers.
  • PAHs – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including benzo[a]pyrene. It is a group of organic compounds found in coal, crude oil, coke or asphalt. Benzo[a]pyrene can be found in tobacco smoke and the smoke from burning candles and trees.

So what are we trying to achieve?

Our mission has always been very clear to us: to create a product that will help protect children and adults from the negative effects of continuous exposure to smog but will also be worn with enjoyment rather than out of necessity. To meet our goal, we sought a perfect mask design that would combine uncompromising protection against air pollution with a modern, elegant look. Hundreds of hours and dozens of designs later, we can proudly announce that we have made our dream a reality.

Cristal Casual masks – a powerful tool for fighting smog

Our efforts and hard work have resulted in the creation of a series of Cristal Casual antismog masks. We strongly believe that they are a perfect combination of functionality, comfort and modern design. Find out what their advantage is over other products available in stores:

  • Our safety masks have been designed so that they adapt themselves perfectly to one’ face, thus effectively blocking pollutions from noxious urban air.
  • The material is pleasant to touch and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. By using cotton bias tape, even frequent and prolonged wearing of the mask does not cause abrasions or skin irritation.
  • The neoprene foam that is used in our products “learns” the shape of your face. This means that the more you wear it, the more comfortable and better fit it becomes.
  • We have also managed to solve the problem of tedious, ear-pulling rubber bands. Our masks are made with a durable hook-and-loop fastener that doesn’t stick to your hair and doesn’t peel. Say no more to the well-known fibrous balls, which with time will shred the fastener and decrease the clamping force!
  • If you are wearing glasses, we have some great news for you. By completely sealing the upper part of the mask, you no longer have to worry about fogged lenses!

All of our antismog masks are equipped with a replaceable 5-layer filter, whose filtration efficiency of 98.74% was shown by an independent laboratory test. By wearing our mask, you can be sure that you are breathing clean, free of harmful substances air.

Functionality meets style in all situations

Cristal Casual safety masks are the right choice no matter where and how you turn around. Are you looking for a classic cut to fit your business styling? We have a Cristal Black model for you. If you want to express your artistic inner self – choose Cristal Splash! Or perhaps the military style is your favourite? Check out our Camo mini-series.

Cristal Mask consists of dozens of designs to suit every occasion. Our masks prove themselves on the way to school, work, college or meeting with friends. Thanks to as many as four sizes – S, M, L and XL – the masks will be perfect for everyone. Cristal Mask is an ideal solution that will help you protect your health and that of your loved ones. Check out our wide range of safety masks!